Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Me; My work & living with Dyslexia

This is very exciting; my first blog! 

My name is Narinda Algar (hence the name of the company), I am a private tutor/qualified teacher, run a drama club at weekends, write books and am a mum to 2 gorgeous children; one of which (my daughter, aged 9) is dyslexic.  Hmmm, dyslexia - such a misunderstood thing. I have spent the past 3 years learning about it, dealing with it and at times, crying about it.  Now I tutor other children (and their parents!) with similar issues & experiences, and yes, I have seen them too learn about it, how to deal with it and sometimes cry about it!  This inspired me to start this blog, so that I can share my experiences and knowledge (which is growing with every session I tutor) with other parents of children whose experiences at School are difficult because of their reading/writing difficulties....

Recently I won a long & arduous battle...first to identify my daughter as dyslexic and then to allow me to 'flexi-school' her - basically tutor her at home in the mornings so that she can catch up with her peers/be taught in a multi-sensory way - [don't worry - all will be explained in another blog!] and then attend mainstream School in the afternoons to do the creative/physical subjects. 

I started 'flexi-schooling' last week after the Easter break, and can already see the benefits.  My amazing, confident girl was coming home from School with what I describe as 'the dead eyes of a dyslexic'; after 2 days of being at home she was glowing again & full of life..In this blog I will share with you our ups & downs; achievements & failures!  

I absolutely welcome all posts, comments and information that you may want to contribute, I do not profess to be an absolute expert - just a teacher with some knowledge of education & a passion to learn more about these incredible brains & a mum who will do whatever it takes to help her kids through this life!

Join me on my journey!

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