Tuesday, 1 May 2012

11-Plus & which brains should go to Grammar School?

Was busy tutoring my daughter this morning, who was getting on very well with touch typing with the help of EnglishType (check em out at www.englishtype.com - it's amazing the progress she's made; going from not knowing from where any of the keys are to knowing most of the top two lines in a matter of weeks!), when my mum phoned & said Radio Kent were talking about tutoring for the           11-plus.  Well, this is one of my areas, so I checked it out...then phoned in...& of course - got my 2-pennyworth in about dyslexia & 'fantastic brains!'

Check it out between 2.38hrs - 2.45hrs on the following link;



Should the system for 11plus be reformed?

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